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This site represents running in a variety of forms which include road racing, trail racing, competitive an non competitive gatherings, which consist of various ages and abilities.  Also we have the ability to mentor, coach, either novice or professional.  Our services include road race management, professional trail guidance, and instruction.  
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Each person is different, therefore, age, experience, background, can effect one's performances.  I am a firm believer in common sense training, with a mix of science when needed.  What is a coach?  A person that can give simple instruction, or to the opposite write elaborate plans years in advance.  A coach can monitor, communicate, watch or listen.  

I have over twenty years of knowledge and experience which includes, running, racing, coaching and mentoring. Therefore, the experience it takes to help either a person to improve health and fitness or train at the Elite Level.  

Three step process:  

1.  Sit down go over goals, or create them.  

2. Create a running/racing plan that fits personal needs.  

3. Monitor one's performance either through the physical or by email, "preferred in person".  

The art of coaching or giving advice about one's fitness is based on each persons individual goals or expectations.   Everyone is different and may need a different approach.   

If nessasary I am willing to travel to a persons home and give instruction or meet and run where a person is comfortable.  

Note:  The first step is making one's self accountable and creating a schedule or routine.   Thats what a coach helps do.

Remember:  Health is all we have, mentally and physically, therefore, a person must preserve it.   

Quote:  "Running or walking should be a way of life, each day we must clear our burdons and stresses through being invloved in movement", each day will be more clear and honest.  


Coach Baldwin 

  Coach Baldwin USA Track and Field Certified Coach / 20 years of Racing, Running and Coaching